Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things I secretly do all the time in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Hey Cuties, I write to you with my toes freezing from the breeze coming from outside. It's a perfect day to just cuddle up in bed and pop in one of my favorite video games, Dragon Age Inquisition. I got back to it every chance I get, which is slowing down these days with all these amazing games coming out/recently came out that suck hours and hours of my time, I'm talking to you Witcher Wild Hunt. But I finally jumped back into this world today and I'm itching to progress!

I always pick up everything. Plants, rocks, and loot alike.

Ever since I got in RPG's (Role Playing Game), I have become quite the virtual hoarder.  I love picking up everything, I really can't explain Cuties, I enjoy it a lot, especially since in Dragon Age Inquisition there is soo much little missions from picking up these items to help out the Inquisition! (I'm keeping spoilers to a minimum to the best of my abilities Cuties.) Not to mention I always need more Elroot. Always.

Dragons kick my ass.

Not for nothing, you might tell by the series name Dragon Age, but dragons are the worst. But the best. What I mean is you will die (if you're anything like me anyways) multiple times. Fighting dragons feels so dangerous and you really have to think quick on your feet and it's so fun! Not to mention you get so much good items when you kill them! It's the one of the biggest rush in the game honestly.

I always need at least 2 Mages in my squad. Squad goals.

My Inquisitor (the character you make) is a mage. Out of all the classes to choose from, Mages are my favorite. I always need 2(including myself) because while I dish out some kick ass someone can cover me and keep all my squad healed up. Talk about squad goals Cuties! My Mages always have my back. PS that's why I always try and help my Dalish(if you've played the game, you know Cuties, you know).

I always close Fade Rifts as the last thing to do in an area.

Fade Rifts are another one of my trouble areas in this game Cuties, I always prefer to do them last. When I first get into an area I always love to do everything I can in that area. Fade Rifts do get really hard as the game goes on so I always leave it for last for when I'm struggling and hoping for a quick XP boost or level up. It is so satisfying to see those menacing little green holes close.

It's addicting. Very hard to put down. Good weight loss strategy.

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of those games that I will tell you from personal experience and will swear up and down that everyone should get a chance to play. It's one of those games that will take you into their world and let you feel like you make a difference. Maybe you Cuties will end up doing some of these little things I do all the time. It's a super fun game and it will last you a while, hours upon hours of content. I say it's a good weight loss strategy, you snack a lot less when you're trying to get requisitions for one of your struggling area because as the Inquisitor it is your duty!

Until next time Cuties(:

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