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Urban Decay Vice 4 Review.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Review.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Hey Cuties, unfortunately I've been feeling a bit in a haze lately so I'm trying to play catch up to my ideas. Regardless I played with the Vice 4 palette and it got me soo excited and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Don't believe me check my Instagram Cuties! I know I have 3 Urban Decay palettes I've talked to you Cuties about, but what can I say, I just can't help myself.

The eyeshadows feel richer. Oh La La.

When I first dipped the brush into the first shadow I was going to try on this palette, I was a little worried about the pigmentation picked up immediately by one of the sides of the brush. A s I applies the shadow all over my lid I noticed how rich it felt on my lids without feeling heavy which felt absolutely luxurious. 

The brush lends itself well to just a touch. 

THIS BRUSH. Cuties, this Urban Decay brush is no joke in the Vice 4.  It has a side that is a semi dense eyeshadow side that looks ideal in my opinion for building color and really deciding what color goes where. Now, the other side is something I've never seen before, it looks to me (Now I wish I had taken a picture of it, not that it would help me explain any better, but I digress.) like a stippling brush end? Like for eye shadows? Either way I tried this side when I was carefully applying the glittery shade. I always start my glitters with just a touch. Cuties, this brush totally nailed it. 

The sparkly shades look elegant and eye catching.

Like I mentioned in my first impressions of this palette I was absolutely head over heels for the nice mix of matte, shimmer and sparkle. So, you could imagine the swoon I felt when I applied, carefully of course, the sparkly shadow on my lid. It looks absolutely stunning, elegant and sparkly, it looks ready to take a party by storm.

It stands on its own from the Naked palettes.

If you Cuties didn't know yet, I'm a huge fan of Naked palettes.  Like a huge fan. I've never had a Vice until now. Well I do have to say, the Vice 4 stands on it's own. It stands strong next to it's sisters. It feels different, and if you're anything like me, you would think all the Urban Decay palettes would feel, well, like Urban Decay palettes. But that is not the case, which definitely proves me wrong. I got really excited playing with this palette. I'm no makeup artist, and I just love the feeling of a new palette from a brand that is a go to for palettes for me, it's fun to be surprised every time!

Sisters Not Twins.

I think that's a really good way to put it. Next to the Naked palettes, Vice stands on a different level but still holding hands with her sisters. While Naked palettes feel like your best friend that always knows how to make you feel best, Vice is that best friend that encourages you to push your boundaries. Urban Decay palettes are a fun variety and while I will always tell you picking up a Naked palette is a good bet, I can confidently say that Vice will get you ready to wow.

Until next time Cuties(:

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