Tuesday, January 26, 2016

These songs make me want to slay all day.

Hey Cuties, this blizzard here in New York City really had me messed up, but I'm back and completely backlogged. But that has not stopped me from playing with my makeup, not even the heavens themselves can stop me from that. But the silence really is boring,especially when there is songs like this.

Flawless Remix-Beyonce & Nicki Minaj.

As you might figure Cuties by the name of the song, this song gets me wanting to put my glam on 100%.  It makes me feel powerful and like a slay without even trying. It gives me the confidence to play up exactly what look I'm feeling that day.

All Eyes on You- Nicki Minaj & Meek Mills.

This song makes me feel like even if my liner came out a little thicker than I wanted or slightly uneven(which is the worst you know the feels Cuties), that I still stand out as an individual that has her own way of doing things. Which is an amazing feeling when you're doing your makeup.

You Know You Like It- Aluna George.

This song is all about making yourself  happy and that nobody can control you. So, yes that midnight blue lipstick you've been too self concious to wear. It's going to look amazing on you and you'll turn heads like the queen you are. That feeling is what I love about doing my makeup to this song.


I want to hear you say Heey Miss Carter.  Just hearing that part in my head makes me believe my lashes will do what I want them too and do so with absolute ease. Not to mention continuing to catch my fiance's eye in just the right way! This song works for boyfriends and crushes all the same Cuties.

Miss Independent- Ne-Yo.

The feeling of independence when doing your makeup is something I dearly cherish. It really helps me own the look I came up with without so much as a thought against. In fact quite the opposite I have to check every memory I see and blow myself some kisses and a few winks because I just look that glam and fabulous.

This is Why Doing Our Makeup Takes So Long.

With the face application and picking what shadow you want with what lips music helps the whole process go a lot smoother. I am a strong believer that you could learn a lot about a person by the music they listen to. I feel this especially applies when you're doing your makeup. A crucial time for us all, so music is always a blessing. So, I showed you a part of myself in essence with my personal selection above. What songs do you sing along to in front of your mirror while blending? Let me know in the comments! Would love to hear, music is a part of the soul so let's keep the sharing coming Cuties! I'm sure there's more songs I could think of if I really try, but then this post would be extremely long. But hey, next time a boy in your life asks why it takes you so long to do your makeup, break out your makeup playlist and tell him to suck it up!

Until next time Cuties(;

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