Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chapped lips will never be cool.

Hey Cuties. I want to see a show of hands for all my lipstick junkies? You know what is the first step to have a perfect lip? Lip. Balm. Done. Zip. That is all you need to start ladies and gents. But if you could believe that was a time. Not too long ago surprisingly where you couldn't find a lip balm in sight. No matter where you were. I'm as surprised as you!

A Star is Born.

In the early 1880's Dr. Charles Browne Fleet a physician from Virginia invented Chapstick as the very first lip balm. It looked like a wickless candle and it was wrapped in aluminum foil. A far cry from the colorful and absolutely adorable packaging we see in lip balm today Cuties! But hey, if I wouldn't buy something wrapped in aluminum to put on my lips so I could understand why it wasn't an exploding success at first.

Oh, the Simplicity.

Let's take it to the other side of the globe, shall we Cuties? In 1905 LypSyl is patented in Sweden using pure beeswax, not that it's any of your BEESWAX. It ends up being packaging in the signature cylinder twist bottom action we know and love today. Thank you Sweden, Lord know where we'd be if we were still packaging in aluminum foil.

One Man's Trash is Another Woman's Cash.

In 1912 Kip Martin brought the rights to the products for $5, talk about a steal. I'm so glad someone picked it up though, aren't you? Cuties, I am also a strong believer that women do know best. Mrs. Martin ended up melting down the mixture, letting it cool, and cutting it into sticks. Way more aesthetically pleasing, most definitely business smart. Beyonce, you are right, girls run the world. Of course then they had a ridiculous profit.

Have You Heard?!

In 1997 the rumor began that you can actually get addicted to lip balm, not to mention even worse things like lip balm companies adding things like ground glass into their products. Thankfully all that nonsense has been proven false. The worst thing in your lip balm is probably the worst thing that could be in any of your cosmetics so no need to fret my dear Cuties. As a side note, I'm sure ground glass would be disastrous for business.

Chapped Lips Will Never Be In,Neither Will Aluminum Foil.

So, Cuties, with all the lip balms we have today luxury and drugstore brand alike, it's crazy to think that if Dr. Browne wouldn't have had this idea we'd all be walking around with Sahara desert lips and miserable. Because if you're anything like me, chapped lips make you cranky and miserable to boot. Good thing good ole Mister Martin pulled through and his wife came through for us all! As a beauty blogger who loves just about any products to put on her lips, I'd be nowhere and cranky to all hell without my lip balm. 

Where I got my info if you want more:
1.This one is a super cute graphic
2.History of The Chapstick
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Until next time Cuties(:

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