Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Impressions: Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette
(Photo credit:Instagram-@wolfjust)

Hey Cuties, this winter is definitely putting a damper on my roll, between not being able to feel my feet and frozen fingers, I'm trying ever so hard to challenge the winter! Even if I look not so cute doing so. Lucky for me I have an amazing fiance that got me a lot of makeup goodies that I've been dying to dive into. One of them, the famed Vice 4 palette! I am very excited for this one Cuties.

The coolest packaging yet.

When I first opened this packaging, I was absolutely floored. It has a 3D cover that begs to be shown off and displayed. Not to mention just calling to be photographed. Every time I take out this palette it screams hello with a wink and all. I have no shame in how much I love this.
Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette
(Photo credit:Instagram-@wolfjust)

It comes with a perfect travel bag, with a mirroring design. Niice.

It was awesome when I opened the box and found a Vice 4 palette travel bag! It automatically told me "ohhh yess this baby is traveling with me" and she's already ready to go. That is something I've never seen in another palette before Cuties. It was a fun little surprise.

Shimmer and Matte Galore.

I guess I tend to lend more towards the matte side of shadows. I love that perfect blend of matte with just a slight hint of glitter. It's almost like a pop of fun Cuties. Vice 4 palette just does in just the right amounts. Why not add a little pop in life, especially if it's on my eyes wear I like it.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette
(Photo Credit:Instagram-@wolfjust)

Pigmentation for days, as usual. I expect nothing less.

There is nothing new about Urban Decay shadows being pigmented. Cuties, I got to say it makes me so giddy inside with every swatch. Even with one swipe you get unbelievable color and opaqueness. Although of course, with this level of pigmentation removal is a bit of a battle but nothing to deter you I promise.

All that and a bag.

So Cuties, this palette deserves to bear its name. It isn't the first and might not be the last. Vice is definitely something that stands to me as one to always watch out for the show stopper. As my first Vice palette that makes me excited for the next time Urban Decay brings us Vice.

Check out the review here.

Until next time Cuties (:

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