Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Impressions: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette:

Hey Cuties, Welcome to Fall/Autumn! With October knocking on our doors it's finally time for vampy lips and smokey eyes once more. Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Palette came out just in time. As you Cuties know, I'm completely new to smokey eyes in general and when I got my hands on this palette I finally dipped my toes in so to speak. I guess now I could see how smokey eyes can be addicting, just got to get used to it on my face, but hey Autumn is the perfect occasion Cuties!

So photogenic.

I've always thought that Naked palettes look so pretty and I just love how nice they look on camera. The smokey effect on the front of the palette has to be the most eye catching I've ever seen. As much as I love my Naked 3, I love the silver lettering to just complete this palette even more.

Plus, a guide.

Cuties, it was definitely a pleasantly little surprise when I first opened up the packaging to see that it had a guide with 4 different looks with instructions and an illustration. I really appreciate that as a beginner to smokey eye looks and for you smokey goddesses it would help jog your creative juices to create a true masterpiece.
Naked Smoky Palette
Photo Credit:Charles Aiken(@wolfjust)

 Perfect smokey colors.

If you're like me Cuties, you're still new to smokey eye looks this has all the colors you could think that you might need. I've come to love about Urban Decay palettes they blend perfectly together and match beautifully. Definitely one to have in your arsenal for a good smokey eye, whether you're new to smokey eye or a smokey eye goddess. When I first took the plastic off the brush and was admiring its beauty, looking at both sides I noticed that the creative minds at Urban Decay were truly geniuses. They gave a blending side of the brush, and what I could only describe as a tapered side. I used to tapered side to really get into the crease of my lid and be as precise as possible and then blend away with the other side. In the guide, it suggests a second blending brush which is helpful but for a get up and go look, the brush that comes with it does an amazing job.

Beginner friendly.

When I first laid eyes on the new Naked palette Cuties, I have to say, I was completely awe struck but also a tiny bit intimidated. But having it and using it, I find it's actually very smokey beginner friendly and if you're like me just swatching out the colors on my arm to see what looks good together gives me a surge of inspiration.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Photo Credit:Charles Aiken(@wolfjust)

Smokey eyes for one and all.

As you can see Cuties, this palette is indeed a smokey eye waiting to happen. The only hard part is trying to decide which kind of smokey eye look you want to do! A smokey eye is always a good choice Cuties.

Check out the review here.

Until next time Cuties(:  

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