Friday, August 14, 2015

5 Reasons why summer will be missed.

Hey Cuties, long time no see and I sure did miss you!(: But I'm here and it's SUMMER. Well the tail end of Summer I suppose. Regardless there's some things I just love about the Summer time. Things that I look forward to year around, so much to the point that I could not live without my summer every year.
Central Park(City View)- 5 Reasons Why Summer Will Be Missed
Photo Credit to: Charles Aiken(@wolfjust)

The Cute Sunnies.

Let's face it Cuties, as Summer gives us it's warm hello, we welcome back a close friend. Yes, I'm talking sunglasses Cuties! Cat eyed sass, rounded chic, and timeless Ray Bans in all colors. Sunnies are one of the best ways to add that pop to you outfit. Whatever you might be feeling that day, there's a perfect pair of sunnies waiting for you with the right price!

The Heat.

You know Cuties, it's come to that point in summer that we're all just waiting for Autumn, but Cuties? Between you and me, you know that once the temperature starts to drop (Especially in NYC Lord help me) we will sorely be missing the sunshine. I'm just as ready as you to break out the cute boots and winter scarves. I can't help already feeling a bit nostalgic about the heat with August almost behind us. The ice-cream? Cuties bless the soul that can eat ice-cream in the winter like they do in the Summer.
Turtles in the Central Park Lake- 5 Reasons Why Summer Will Be Missed
Photo Credit to: Charles Aiken(@wolfjust)

The cute outfits.

Shorts with lace detail? Check. Flowing gypsy skirts? Double Check. Tank tops galore? You know it! This Summer NYC was full of cute dresses, fun tank tops, cute shorts and romantic skirts. Makes a Cutie feel like she needs to up her wardrobe huh? Messy bed from picking outfits aside, I spend my summer people watching occasionally. I swear I'm giving mental and physical compliments all day. "I love those sunglasses", "Where did you get those shorts?". In the winter, it almost feels like a good outfit is wasted under all those heavy coats and layers.
Shadow-5 Reasons Why Summer Will Be Missed
Photo Credit to: Charles Aiken(@wolfjust)

The bright fun makeup.

Summer is quite the time for the bright fun makeup. For Cuties who usually stick to neutrals like me this is a bit out of our comfort zone but stick with it and take the plunge Cuties! This Summer I used my Urban Decay's Electric Palette. You Cuties have no idea how my heart was in my throat putting up that pic on Instagram was for me! But alas, I've been talking about it so I took the risk, all for you Cuties! So by all means, props to all my bright and bold Cuties out there rocking their bright fun looks all year around I give you Kudos Cuties. If you're like me Summer time is a fun time to break open those bright liners, shadows, and lippies! It's fun to play even if you don't leave the house. After all, Summer play time isn't just for the kids.

The Me- We- Us Time.

I feel like there's this universal bond that comes with Summer. The sun's out, there's plenty to do, and it would do your soul well to bring along your favorite people and soak it all up. Whether you live in a city or the countryside summer is just full of things to do. Why shouldn't we take our R&R seriously? The best Summer memories is when you pick a day and just do. Just last week me and the hubby grabbed 2 friends and headed for Central Park. The day was gorgeous and we had a blast. Naturally, I have plenty of photos but you know about bloggers and picking photos Cuties.
The People of Central Park- 5 Reasons Why Summer Will Be Missed
Photo Credit to: Charles Aiken(@wolfjust)

Oh, Summer.

Although I have a love hate relationship with Summer these are things I'll definitely miss Cuties. There's just this unique feel about summer time that makes me smile and feel at ease. Summer is that time of year when you get to, for the most part, just be you. Been meaning to catch up on some reading? Great step outside and find a comfortable spot to read and tan. Haven't seen your friends in too long? Plan a day, have fun, make memories. The possibilities of Summer always feel endless and inspiring and that's one thing I really do love about summer that I don't really feel any other season.

PS I'm always in the market for cute sunnies, always.

Until next time Cuties(:

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