Thursday, July 2, 2015

You CAN be a Beauty Guru!(:

Hey Cuties, happy July! To kick off this month is a new beauty app that recently hit the App store,yes,only the App Store unfortunately Cuties. None the less this fun app is worth at least a checkout. If you're looking for a personal touch just remember love always wins.  So on to the Tresscove app!(:

Pictures and video.

The cool thing about this app Cuties is that it has both picture and video tutorials. So, if you're just trying to get some inspiration or like to learn through video they got you covered. If you're like me and slower paced or a novice, then the picture tutorials take a load off and help you perfect that smokey eye.  This doesn't get any easier Cuties, if you're like me and you get overwhelmed at the sheer complexity of some of the beauty video tutorials. This is just as simple as swipe, attempt once, twice, three times, and move to the next one when you're ready. Easy, simple and no pressure.

Easy to upload.

The fun part is, you could let your own creativity shine through! This app allows you to easily upload your own tutorials. Whether it be pictures or video, you could be you and share your talents with the world Cuties. Please be sure to remember when you're all famous, I'll remember you! Sharing is caring always remember!

Max 2 minutes!

Another thing is that video tutorials are a max of 2 minutes, now I don't know how I feel about this Cuties, as much as I like that it's short and sweet and to the point, it's in danger of being flat. By flat I mean boring, I feel like you have to really bring it and make sure to liberally throw in your personality Cuties! The good news is if you have a short intention span like someone you guys know (it's totally not me.) then the 2 minutes should really stick with you.

Someone for anyone to love.

So, where you're an all glam girl or a natural look lover this app is sure to find something you want to try. If you're up for sharing your talents with the world, this app makes it easy for you too. Whether you like pictorials or video tutorials you should find something to your liking, go and try it out my Cuties and learn and grow.

You can get the app on the App Store and check out their tumblr at 

Until next time Cuties(:

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