Friday, June 5, 2015

The city, the comics, the games.

Hey Cuties, sorry for my little hiatus, I caught the WORST  cold and I was just not feeling myself Cuties. Anyways, here's a quick little break down of my week and don't worry, even though I'm not completely all better I'm here and I'm getting all the posts ready! Just a little reminder if you're curious about what's animal testing then I got you covered. On with my little catch up. 

Photos and trips.

More and more trips to the city, being a photographer’s wife and all and the beautiful weather. As spring turns to summer, the beautiful NYC lights and sights sing to my heart Cuties, and naturally being a photographer's wife and all means stunning sunrises and sunsets and lots of people watching in the best of ways. If there’s one thing I've learned from living here is that I feel I'll never get tired of walking city blocks just taking it all in. Not to mention, I'm trying to learn a few more photography lessons myself.

Marvel Comics.

For this I have my wonderful fiancé to thank, for if it was not for him, I would have never discovered the beauty that is Marvel Comics. Now I always knew the basics like avengers and iron man and who have you, but. BUT Cuties, there's so much more to the story and once you get that feeling that you get curious and then you can have your questions answered?! Hook, line, sinker. And no Cuties I am not ashamed, I do not think this is a guilty pleasure. I feel no guilt! I just love comics now. Always embrace who you are Cuties, nobody says you can't like comics and makeup.  One of my favorite parts of summer is the new makeup summer collections.   It's like WHAM so I heard you wanted a new palette? Oh? A new liner? HERE. And I just love the fun colors of spring and summer. It's a time for the bright and the bold to sing and summer lets us stretch our creative muscles that have been resting all winter. Not to mention the sales with new releases aside, the sales on our favorite staples are sometimes up for an absolute steal and I love it. Almost makes my wallet cries. But alas it's worth it Cuties? Am I right? Hallelujah for the summer Cuties! And Ulta is a summer stop for me always.

Fallout 4 confirmed.

War, war never changes. In other words, Cuties FALLOUT 4 CONFIRMED.  I have waited in anticipation and hope for this for a very long time and I do strongly believe my fiancé wished it into existence because all his predictions of the game have been spot on. I CANNOT WAIT TILL E3. E3 Cuties, is a gaming conference that happens every year in the US and game companies let us gamers know what to look forward for the year in terms of games. Now my very first E3 was last year. And Cuties, I am a talker. Bless my fiancé. Hahahaha.
Alas Cuties, there is only one down side to being up and about, for some reasons, it never fails that when it starts to get warmer I get sick. Not just any sick, super sick, which of course, sucks. (I sssound like a ssnake. hahaha) And is the reason for my MIA Cuties but I'm feeling much better now, medicine and rest work wonders for the souls and colds. I'm quite the poet today Cuties hahaha.


So, Cuties, being sick is never fun its okie dokie to take some time off, step back, and do what makes you happy. It's just for me that includes an Ulta magazine, a tablet for marvel unlimited and MORE NEWS ON FALLOUT 4, and also doing the opposite of what you're supposed to do when you're sick like use a lot more energy than you have and have sweets and go out downtown and walk for as long as you can and your legs still aren't that tired.

Until next time Cuties(: 

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