Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The 5:2 Makeup Diet

Hey Cuties, today I came across an interesting diet that's picking up lots of speed and I figured this goes hand in hand with the journey to having an end to animal testing. Is it something that I would think your crazy if you don't try. Well, it's complicated Cuties.

 Makeup free.

So, Cuties the point of this one is that you go makeup-free for 2 out of 5 days, but this doesn't mean without skin care. So yes Cuties, put on some sunscreen with those cute sunnies before headed out the door. Doing this "detox" for your face your skin is said to look healthier and glowy. This is a good start for you Cuties that want to help your skin out of a crazy scream for help that it seems to be having. I feel this is only the first step Cuties.

Skin and confidence project.

I feel like with also being a skin project, I think this is also a confidence project. Cuties this is the first step if you could step out of your house without makeup, nothing on your face at all. You know what? I believe 100% that every one of you Cuties could do it no problem, because you're all brilliant and stunning and you shine with or without makeup on. It can make our skin glow and if you’re a makeup heavy person you will definitely notice a difference, but nothing miraculous. So naturally if you Cuties try this, your face will feel fresher and you will notice a healthier glow. If you have acne prone skin like me Cuties, it might not be a crazy beautiful suddenly clearer skin. Unfortunately, skin doesn't work that way. I wish it did Cuties. Sigh.

Baby steps.

 Try this if you want to start with baby steps, if you're more hard core or cold turkey, try revamping your whole makeup products and regime. This is an amazing place to start if you want to start asking your skin for forgiveness from all the torturing, but I also feel this is only the beginning Cuties! If you like the idea of this I totally encourage you to do it! From there try snooping around for skin loving ingredients in your makeup! Hell, that's what I'm trying to do Cuties, so if you're like me this is a great starter, and it gets you used to the idea of leaving the house with no makeup and your skin will thank you, slowly but surely.

Perfect gateway.

So, at the end of the day Cuties, this is one of those fun things to try and it’s a perfect gateway into more skin loving makeup, which is there if you look for it! But like most things, this might be scary at first and I'm here to tell you, you can do it.  If you want to try this and you get cold feet, feel free to tweet me and I will cheer you on the whole way Cuties! But like I said, please Cuties don't expect a miracle. Everyone's skin is different and I feel this is just another way to love your skin that much more.

Until next time Cuties(: 


  1. Such a nice idea to have nice and healthy skin xx


    1. Of course, baby steps, you have to start somewhere! (:


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