Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MAC Simpsons Cutie-cles Nail Stickers Review

MAC Simpsons Cutie-cles Nail Stickers Review.

MAC Simpsons Cutie-cles Nail Stickers Review

Hey Cuties, with E3 behind us, I'm super excited to bring you my review of these nail stickers, they are amazing and definitely took me by surprise,if you couldn't tell by my first impressions. I love me those beauty products that are effortless,fun,and easy. And I love looking at my nails now Cuties,MAC should do these more often don't you think?

Depending on your nail bed,this could look a bit wonky.

I love the Simpsons so I think this design belongs on nail stickers permenantly not limited edition honestly.Depending on your nail bed though and how you're nails are shaped the overall design could look a little wonky.It does make clicking away and a computer so much more playful though.
MAC Simpsons Cutie-cles Nail Stickers

Lasts the time frame it claims to.

These babies do indeed last the 2 weeks they claimed to.This is what my nails looked like in two weeks,most of the nails are really beat up but I wash my hands a lot and my hands are wet a lot.I wash dishes,cook,mop etc.So it can look prettier for someone who wets their hands less,but this are still on and that's what impressed me the most.
MAC Simpsons Cutie-cles Nail Stickers Review

Easy application.

The very first nail sticker I tried to apply on my thumb took me a bit of work,I was trying to get a hang of it since I never used nail stickers before.But after that it was an absolute breeze.Getting all the bubbles out is a bit more time consuming but easy none the less.

Easy Removal.

Taking these off is no problem either just good ole nail polish remover.Although personally I think it's super gross and weird how it comes off.You know how the dead skin rolls off your face when you exfoliate?It's similar to that in the way it comes off.

Shoutout to shaky hands.

Nail stickers or decals like this are such a nice thing to have for the times you don't wanna paint your nails.As much as I love my therapeutic nail painting time,sometimes I am inpatient.Especially for vacation time??Yesss Cuties!!Not to mention you could catch some good sales on nail stickers/decals.Definitely worth a try at the very least.I'm sure you will find some faves in no time!

Until next time Cuties(:


  1. I never saw these when the range was released! Mostly because everything sold out in minutes haha. They look sweet x

    1. They were totally cute, I was so sad taking them off. They were such a fun experience! (:


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