Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love Wins.

Hey Cuties, recently an amazing thing happened that I've been rooting for, for a long long time. Same sex marriage is finally legal in all 50 states of the United States. Which I do completely agree with Cuties. Love is love, and finally, love wins. If this is not really your thing, no worries my review on MAC Simpsons Cutie-cles Nail Stickers  is up and ready.

About time.

This is what confuses me Cuties, most of us in the US don't have the least bit problem with same sex marriage. So why didn't we just give the okay earlier? I have no idea Cuties. But hey, it wasn't hurting anyone on a personal level Cuties.

First state.

The first state I'm the US to ever put love first was Massachusetts on May 17th in 2004. They realized that everyone deserves the right to say I Do. And Cuties? It didn't hurt anyone. And I could bet there was a lot of hostilities towards them, but same sex couples deserve that dream wedding just as much as me and my wonderful fiance.

All the love.

Yes, finally Cuties, everyone that loves each other more than anything and plan to spend every up and down together can finally get married. Whether there is two brides or two grooms. I still strongly believe that everyone is going to need some Kleenex. Because wedding and marriage is a beautiful thing that I would hope everyone, no matter what your sexual origination will find one day in life. Love wins. Love isn't about religion, it's not about God. It's not about Jesus or the Bible, it's about people. It's about the fundamental core of every human being to love and be loved. To want to spend the rest of your lives with someone who always gives you butterflies. Through thick and thin to always have sweet kisses and comfort and your whole lives together.

Be open minded.

So, Cuties, I guess what I'm trying to say is to always remember to be open minded. That just like you love your husband/boyfriend as a female; Or your wife/girlfriend as a man, another person loves someone just as much as you love your significant other.  So, let's celebrate love. Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone should respect and deserve without any hostilities.  You don't have to be gay or lesbian to support the love. Just like everyone deserves to fall in love, everyone deserves to marry if they want to.

Until next time Cuties(: 

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