Friday, June 19, 2015

E3 2015 is all the wins.

Hey Cuties, this one is to all my gamers, it is our favorite most exciting time of year! Yes,yes Cuties it is E3,and this year has been a definite good one with all the releases around the horizon! But I do have a confession for this is my first E3 as a true gamer.Let me explain Cuties.

The thing that I found very prevalent is the fact that there was no last gen games announced at the conferences. Which just tells me Cuties that if you haven't upgraded,the industry has left you behind. And I know that you have to pay a pretty penny for these systems. But think of it this way Cuties,you need to treat yo self! That doesn't just have to be makeup. I say take the plunge before you have nothing else to play Cuties. Resistance is futile.    This year I've noticed that while we got some crazy good exclusive (I'm not looking at you Sony.) But I think personally this is a good thing so whether you love your Xbox One or your PS4 you'll still have the games that capture your hearts Cuties. And if you're like me and your blessed enough to have both, well, it's time to pick your fav Cuties. Decisions,decisions. Hahaha.

FALLOUT 4.FALLOUT 4.FALLOUT 4. Fallout 4 took E3 this year in my opinion, it is definitely my game of the year. Being quite a little hoarder in the game, I love that I could use all my tin cans  and burned books for something! Hoarders for the WIN. Also if you're a builder Cutie, Fallout 4 still has you covered. You could make your own towns!!! I just love Fallout Cuties. It's my favorite game ever. Even crazier? It's not just me.

Oh Cuties, I was definitely super hype when it was Sony's conference. But Sony why?Why do you disappoint me so!? I grew up with just the Playstation, it will always hold a dear place in my heart. But Sony barely has an exclusives this year. Most of things they mentioned in their conference are multi platform.  Everytime they gave me some hope,they crushed it. Please have more in store Sony, I love my PS4. BUT  right now, I'm really glad I still have an Xbox One.  Oh Nintendo,I know you've stumbled a couple of times, but you got me! With a new Yoshi game, and  cute endearing new amiboos, I feel this time you do what you do best. Plain good fun in a usually cute case. Bringing back my personal favorites like mario and yoshi, and other favorites like skylanders and star fox! You made me smile this year Nintendo, I can't wait.(:

This E3 has been a special one to me Cuties. Especially for the fact that this year I am more of gamer. What I mean is Cuties, I've dabbled in more games that are a little out of my comfort zone. And I've expanded my horizon and appreciation for video games of all tastes. So this year I could finally say that I am genuinely hype for what this and next year have to offer in games,and I'll have more Is This Me? articles to share with you Cuties.

Until next time Cuties(:

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