Thursday, May 28, 2015

What is animal testing in makeup.

Hey Cuties, while scouring the internet I came across some fantastic news that New Zealand has passed legislation to ban animal testing in the makeup/beauty industry and that got me thinking. One that is huge amazing news and two what classifies as animal testing and some other ways that there is to go about testing our cosmetics. As it turns out, there is and it's a whole lot better than torturing cute fluffy animals. It's definitely another to make you feel amazing when you put your makeup on.

Animal testing.

Animal testing is the testing of cosmetics on mice, bunnies, monkeys and other cute little furries. They take them in labs, and conduct cruel tests to see if it is safe for people to use on their face, skin and eyes. If you ask me Cuties, if you're afraid to test it on people, you should not be testing it on animals. And what I find is that there are easier, more efficient ways to test our cosmetics. Tests that are more closely accurate to the reaction on people. Surprisingly, if you're like me and wondering if this really came down to the cost and making money, it doesn't! Non-animal testing is actually more cost efficient.  So, if it's cheaper and more effective, it dawns on me that everyone and their granny needs to know to tell those companies that we want them to be cruelty free.

Animal abuse.

I know you Cuties have noticed in stores that most products that have a little cute bunny on them letting you know it's cruelty free usually have a higher price tag. Naturally if you're like me, this kind of makes sense Cuties. Cruelty free tends to be more expensive simply for the fact that some ingredients they probably use are organic which makes them a little bit more expensive since they're grown in special conditions. I get confused all the time by "cruelty free" and "vegan". It's the vegan products are usually the ones that make our pockets cry. Cruelty free is usually using special ingredients that are better for you and work better for you. In a sense, it's more bang for your buck, because your skin and body might thank you for it. Now I know maybe you don't have the money to spend on cruelty free but it might be worth a google search for a good deal or two... or three.  If you're like me, at the end of the day this looks to be animal abuse, pretty much black and white. They test skin and eye irritations on the animals shaved skin and use droppers for their eyes. They force feed these animals for weeks sometimes months at a time to see if the chemicals have long term effects, even testing lethal doses on them to see if they will actually die. It makes me a bit sick Cuties. In the end, they are killed cruelly with no regard and full of pain. They aren't even a number Cuties. They don't have protection under the Animal Welfare Act. It pains my heart to know how many animals have died needlessly when we are in such a technologically advanced society.

Not required.

I was kind of surprised when I found that animal testing is actually not required for cosmetics in most countries. The only country that actually requires it is China. So, the fact that these companies are still testing on animals both confuses and upsets me. A better day is rapidly approaching Cuties because I found that more and more countries are banning any animal testing for cosmetics! No chemical testing, complete product testing or even importation of non-cruelty free makeup. That would be a very happy day Cuties, and it's not out of reach it just needs a little push.

The reality.

At least here in the United States, animal testing is pretty common, unfortunately. More and more companies that are cruelty free are starting to spring up. Animal testing is obsolete and not necessary, there are easier and kinder ways to test our cosmetics. Animal testing is not a requirement and makeup lovers everywhere love to see that little bunny telling us that no little furry bunny was killed for our makeup creations. Even if it means to shell out a little more cash now, it could become common place and make everything a little easier on our wallets very soon Cuties. Both US Cuties and Cuties abroad let your county know you want to be cruelty free. Can't hurt to try, especially not those cute fluffy animals.

Until next time Cuties(: 


  1. This very informative because some folks claim its a "feel good" but in reality we need to question some of the practices in the makeup industry for the safety of animals and humans!

    1. It's true! Especially if they are completely unnecessary!


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