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Video Games: Is this Me?- The Witcher 3 (Pt.1)

Hey Cuties, in case you haven't heard yet, the Open World RPG game Witcher 3 is taking the gaming world by storm and it has yet to hit the shelves. The Witcher 3 is a very immersive game coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS4; for the first time being open world as opposed to the Witcher 2 a linear non-open world story based RPG.( And in case you're curious RPG stands for Role Playing Game) So, there's Action RPG's like Dragon Age: Inquistion (another one of my favorites), and MMORPG's which is Massive Multiplayer Online RPG's which is games like DC Universe Online. Here's a quick run down of why I think this game has me waiting by my calendar till May 19.

Everyone has a routine.

First and foremost, what I find the most interesting, is the fact that everyone in the world of The Witcher 3 has a routine. Women included and they aren't just standing around to look pretty for the main protagonist Geralt of Rivia. Well not all the time. Anyways, the women in the world of the Witcher 3 are a lot like the women you see in the real world. Every girl doing her thing, for example a girl could be a innkeeper that lives in a quaint little village, or a girl could be earning her coin working at the brothel in the bustling cities, or a girl could be sorceress feared in the forest and is thought to be a myth, or a sorceress that protects her bustling city dutifully. The possibilities are literally endless and infinite anything you could see a man doing in the Witcher 3 I believe you could see a women doing it too. I think it's a really cool concept to have the genders as equal in the game, even if they are only NPC's (Non-Playable-Characters).  And the fact that everyone has a routine and people react to weather and night-time is a definite step up from the Witcher 2. So yes, that means that friendly innkeeper is gonna shut her doors and lock them at night or bring in people from the harsh rain. Or maybe it's the rumored evil sorceress that caused the harsh rain. Not for nothing Cuties, I am definitely looking forward to the female NPC's and checking out their routines! Although fleshed out in the Witcher 2 I felt the women and NPC's overall seemed a bit odd just standing in the same spot all day no matter what. It would definitely feel more real and definitely add to that story feel the Witcher is based on. Especially for the fact that the Witcher series is based on a collection of short stories and novels written by a Polish author. And I love me a good book Cuties.

So let's say you, as Geralt of Rivia run into this bustling city in search of coin and people with a not so fun problem for you to help them with. Any and every NPC has a story and is very fleshed out, talk to someone long enough and you'll get a glimpse into their personality. So maybe that beautiful young thing working at the brothel has a family to maintain, or that drunk man just lost his family to a silly mistake or letting the drowners to close to the kids (Witcher 2 Cuties you know what I mean).

Or maybe there are women who are a critical to the story, that have you wanted to know how they end up. For example:

SPOILER ALERTS: In the Witcher 2, they are a couple of female characters I can't wait to see where they are in the Witcher 3. Let's start with Triss Merigold, Triss is this sorceress that accompanies Geralt for parts of the Witcher 2, within having Triss with you, you learn that Triss is sassy, intelligent and has a good heart, and is 100%(or at least I think so) in love with Geralt and she would do anything to see him happy even though she is sure it will not be with him but with the mysterious Yennefer. She is head strong and always likes to know the full story, the kicker? Yes you could have it so that Geralt and Triss make love in the second game. But that in no way says that you as Geralt can't be an asshole and leave things there. Another spunky gal you run into in the Witcher 2 is the brave no nonsense Ves. Ves is part of an army that is doing an insurgency that Geralt is a part of that requires absolutely no mistakes. But with the nitty gritty of this story as in real life, mistakes happen. The insurgency is discovered and every single man of the insurgency is hung by strings on their necks all except Ves who has proven what a strong girl she is. But amazingly, in the face of death Ves makes a choice. Ves rather use her body and please the king that killed the men and save her life,then die with the rest.  There is also the sorceress Sile who was very witty and tight lipped about her life and works with you at some points in the game but Geralt must make a decision where she lives or dies but she stands by everything she did, she did for the council of Mages for Mages aren't treated well in the world of the Witcher.

The real virtual world.

The Witcher 3, unlike the Witcher 2 before it is told to be that in the world, there is more fleshed out characters and atmosphere in the sense that there are real world problems. Like racism against Nonhuman races, the elves, the dwarves and of course the mages and sorceresses. Things like poverty and starvation seem to be imminent in the world too, people can be rejected out of inns and brothels and services for these very real reasons. But also, you would be able to see the humble, the innocent, the clowns and all the jesters’ tales like in the Witcher 2. Parents in the Witcher worry about their children both grown and young wondering if they got themselves into trouble or trying to get them out of it. The Witcher 3 is supposed to be a very real, very immersive game.

Amazing storytelling.

The Witcher 3 has the possibilities to have the richest story telling seen to date. Story based missions aside, there is countless hours of side missions to help people, to clear areas of monsters and actually have people settle in there, people remembering what you did to help them afterwards. In many ways, the Witcher 3 is very true to an interactive book in the best possible way. You could look into the lives of people who live in this world, truly live in this living breathing fantasy world. And in that you could add to Geralt's story and that's an amazing way to let you be the author. And it would be amazing , because you can stop an innocent girl being raped, you can stop a family from being robbed blind and forced into homeless and the best part is? You can do it all. You could stop it all if you want to take the time. Let you be the one to take the reins and here the countless stories in the people of the Witcher 3. I feel like it will be very easy to find things in the Witcher 3 that relate to real life, all the Witcher games in fact.  This is definitely a game than really captures your imagination. Yes, it's for adult eyes only, because of the nitty gritty, based in reality topics the Witcher 3 covers without walking on eggshells. But I feel this is a game any girl could get into; any girl could open their imagination to this world with fantasy setting but real world problems and beauty. I would have a hard time choosing between curling up with a good book and diving into the world of the Witcher 3. As Geralt of Rivia you could do all you can imagine from what I see. For example, this woman's husband is about to get killed, you could let the husband die, and the woman would be raped and killed as well by the time you might be able to ride back on your horse, you might find her hanging naked from a tree. Or you could save her and her husband they could continue on their lives happily thanks to the Witcher Geralt of Rivia. You can even sleep with the woman after you save her and her husband although it's safe to say the husband wouldn't be happy about that.

Imagine the possibilities.

The possibilities in the Witcher 3 look endless and that excites me, because from the comfort of your own home you could make a difference in women's lives although it be virtual ones. But also, I feel as a woman that it would be an eye-opening experience for men playing this game because that is the reality. Women face rape, death, and discrimination, and abuse in the Witcher 3 and real world all the same. And as a man, they could be more aware of how shocking it is that we have good hearts and how could they blame a girl who's story they know nothing of. Cuties I cannot wait for the Witcher 3 to be released and hopefully all I said still stands when it is. For now, I'll keep waiting by the calendar and I'll give you an update when the game is out, because if you haven't figured it out Cuties, I am all over getting my hands on this game.

What do you Cuties think? Do you think the world of the Witcher is too nitty gritty for a game?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Luckily for us this game is available for preorder! All the wins!

Until next time Cuties(:

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