Saturday, April 11, 2015

Perfect Light, Perfect Time.

A Day in the Life of a Photographer's Wife. April 11 2015

Hey Cuties, another day has begun Cuties and NYC is already to it's usual hustle and bustle. I love how much you Cuties enjoyed my first post of "Day in the Life.." I thought I'd give you guys another peek.

The nitty gritty.

So, while catching the perfect light is important and sunsets and sunrises are rejuvenating, there is also the matter of people and portraits. What I mean is there is prices, deadlines, and time management. The nitty-gritty of photography if you will.

Time is money.

I learned very quickly that time is of the essence in photography is very to the point. Usually because there are big amounts of money in it. I'm talking in the thousands of dollars range for some occasions. And photography is an hour rate job, so time is always a lot bigger deal then you would think. Because going over the hour time usually involves money. And I will tell you Cuties an hour can go by in a click.


Deadlines are also a necessary evil because as much as we love what we do as photographers we have lives aside too. For example, if we set up and get all hype for the big game so to speak and get cancelled on, it's truly a hit. Not just time that is wasted wise but effort wise and money wise, we've spent a lot of time setting up for the client and with all the money required for the tools. Not to mention for me personally time does fly by when you have as much fun as I do Cuties.

Quick and efficient. 

I also learned that quick and efficient is the name of the game when you're a photographer's wife. If you’re in the business by their side like I am. Setup and take down times need to be solid. Because you could always have more than one type of work to do. For example, if you have a studio shoot going on in the morning, that same afternoon you might have to do some shots outside.

This city needs us.

 So, my job is to be quick to have time to set up and take down and be ready to go and not be late and have everything we need. It's like super-duper hero to the rescue. I feel like I'm BatWife and my hubby's photography is Gotham and I must protect it always.

Until next time Cuties(:

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  1. it must be so interesting to be a wife to a photographer! But wow, i never knew there was so much to the behind the scene stuff.
    It must be difficult to keep to all the deadlines and to produce good quality photos constantly. I guess thats what makes photographers so respectable :)
    So nice of you to be by your husband's side helping with set ups as he does his different projects.

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel


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