Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things That I learned becoming a New Yorker.

Hey Cuties, I've only been living in New York City for about a year and a half but I have learned a thing or two about how New Yorkers go about their day and how they handle things. Besides what I learned living with my one and only.

New Yorkers never say exact amounts.

 In New York City when talking about money in any sense, New Yorkers never say exact amounts. For example, if I told you I'm planning to save 5 for next week. You don't know if I mean 5 dollars, 50 dollars, or even 500 dollars. You just don't know. Because in New York City there is always people listening, both the good type and the bad. So New Yorkers are ever cautious about what they say about their money.

New Yorkers have shoe culture.

In New York City, you are judged first and foremost by the shoes on your feet. You wouldn't notice it, the way it's done is very subtle. But none the less, different types of shoes mean different things. For example, if you see a girl wearing classic Louboutins in Manhattan you would think one of two things, either that person is very wealthy, or they spent all their money on those shoes and they probably don't have anywhere to stay or any food to eat. And if you see a guy wearing a nice pair of Jordan's there is a level of respect, although only subtly, of those shoes. In New York shoes are a symbol and people will form opinions on your character of your shoes. Here shoes are something that is respected.

New Yorkers have a fine line between Flirty and Polite.

In New York there is a fine line between flirty and polite. So this is very important for you Cuties who might want to make a girls trip of this city. Let's have another example. You're leaving a store and this guy holds the door open for you. When you say thank you that is considered polite and good manners and men here would think nothing of it.Now if you say thank you, have a good day for some reason men here think that it's your invitation for them to get in your pants. So in short, politeness is brief, anything more is flirty. So please Cuties, be weary and keep this in mind.

Any other things you learned about going to New York City? Planning on visiting soon?

 Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time Cuties (:


  1. Love your insight of learning New York City culture!!! I am from Southwestern/Central VA and most of us despite living in our small cities are mostly "Country" and might mistake some of these "BIG CITY" habits or culture!!

  2. Haha. Cute! I haven't been to NrwYork city in some time. I remember a restaurant we ate at was on the fancy side & the wIters seemed very rude. Even stranger, couples would have their kids and I thought wow they must be very wealthy! I wouldn't take my kids to fancy restaurant unless they were older. That's just me. It was prob 18 years ago!

  3. I absolutely LOVED reading this. You know, it's my dream to move to NY. I'm definitely following you - need to get the lowww down!

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  4. I have always dreamed of living in New York City, ah lucky you! :)
    This was such an interesting post to read, i love reading about different quirks each city has and the how the people living in them are like.
    I'd expect to be judge by my shoes in NY, but never knew that there was such a fine line between flirty and polite, thats rather amusing actually haha!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel


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