Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Your Polish is the Most Iconic Nail Polish Color EVER.

Hey Cuties, with all the nail polish that is coming out this spring and all the fun and pastel and creme finishes,it got me thinking. I know nail polish originated somewhere in China a long time ago and that only royals and the very wealthy were about to wear it. But of course,I wanted to dig a little deeper Cuties.So let's hope into our time machine.


Our first stop is India around 5,000 years ago, in ancient India with the use of Henna as nail color that stained their nails, as in men and women Cuties. A reddish brown stain that not only colored their nails, but helped condition them too.


The next time nail polish was seen from what I found would find us headed in our time machine to 4,000 BC where the male warriors of Babylonia who would use kohl to paint their nails black before headed to battle, black usually signified the upper-class warriors and the lower-class warriors would paint their nails green. It's crazy how much class had to do with nail polish throughout its history Cuties.


Our next stop on our time machine is China around 3,000 BC where the royals of China were also painting their nails.But the ingredients for these royals were not henna, instead they used a combination of beeswax,gum arabic, egg whites, natural dyes, and gelatin. They used flowers petals to create nail colors in a lacquer similar to what we have today. Although unlike today where our polishes take minutes sometimes seconds. Shout out to quick drying top coat! In ancient China it would take several hours, some women even went to sleep hoping their polish to be dry when they wake. Can you imagine Cuties?! It's hard enough waiting minutes for your polish to dry when you're getting ready, can you imagine having to wait hours?! Not to mention they had to be applied evenly with a cloth, not with a nail polish brush. I don't think I'd ever paint my nails if that was the case, I'm not nearly patient enough. Also while we're in China, during the Zhou Dynasty the nail polish determined the social status of a women, the royals and elites wore deep red hues, while the average women of China were only aloud to wear a light pink polish. And if an average Chinese woman was found wearing royal colors, they were sent to death. That's how important nail polish had to do with the class system in China during 600 BC. I feel so fortunate to rock my own red Cuties!


Now let's hop back into our time machine back to 3,000 BC, this time we are in ancient Egypt. Just like in ancient India the Egyptians liked to use Henna to stain their nails a reddish brown, but like in China those deep red hues were reserved only for royals. The famed and absolutely lovely Queen Cleopatra was a huge lover of painting her nails with Henna, she and her royal court would use Henna or sometimes even blood to paint their nails. Talk about wanting to get that blood red Cuties. And likewise, here in Egypt as in China the common women were allowed to wear pale colors on their nails. But the Queen Cleopatra in striking red nails brought the trend of deep red nails into the 1st century BC. Another way besides henna the Egyptians liked to use berries and other plants as well to make into lacquer like polishes. It is even said that mummified pharaohs from Egypt were found with Henna stained nails.

Rock your favorite manicure with pride Cuties.

So be thankful my Cuties that we could rock whatever color we're feeling that day, that week, or that hour! Word to the wise please don't change your nail polish every hour. Personally, now I feel like rocking a red mani myself.

Until next time Cuties(:  

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