Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First Impressions:Ulta Brand Lipstick

Ulta Brand Lipstick.

Ulta Brand Lipstick

Hey Cuties, as you know if you live in the States or have an Ulta near you, Ulta has been having the craziest of sales called their "21 Days of Beauty Sale". So naturally I had to pick up a little treat for myself and the lipsticks were on sale, so I ended up picking up an Ulta brand lipstick in the shade 230.

Buttery smooth.

When I applied this lipstick it felt nice on the lips. It wasn’t too soft that I felt like I was making a mess, in fact it was a little on the stiff side. I preferred that because it helps me line my lips a lot better without needing to reach for a matching lip liner.

Beautiful color.

This color is absolutely stunning. It’s a beautiful neutral rose color. I love this color and I feel it’s something I could reach for and it look like I tried a lot harder without too much hassle. I mean, just look at it.
Ulta Brand Lipstick 230


At $8 apiece, it is so easy to want to stock up. I hope this speaks for all the Ulta lipsticks because if that’s the case I need to stock up a little more. A good quality lipstick always has a place in my collection. This a perfect lipstick to add without hurting your wallet.

Long lasting.

This lipstick lasts me a surprising time, without eating or drinking anyways. I’d say if you know you’re going to out for a day and you know you won’t be eating too much you’ll be okay. To be safe, I’d definitely throw this one in my bag.
Ulta Brand Lipstick

Yes please.

I haven’t tried too much in Ulta Brand products so I was a bit worried. Now, that I tried the lipstick I feel like I’m open to a bit more Ulta. I hope I could find a gem I’m absolutely head over heels for.

What about you Cuties? Have you tried Ulta? What did you pick up in the sale?

 Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time Cuties(:

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