Monday, March 9, 2015

Limited Edition Makeup.

Hey Cuties, with all the shiny new collections and collaborations,it got me thinking Cuties,why are collections limited edition or limited time? It drives me bananas. Why do they hate us so?

Makeup is already pricey. 

So, I suppose the reason is unfortunately that makeup is a business, so their focus is to make money. For us that means that makeup, that expires, and that changes styles or popularity. And of, course I'm not saying that spending lots of money on makeup makes us bad people, it just makes us have lighter wallets. I just wish we could get more bang for our buck, I mean why does fun makeup and self-discovery have to be so expensive?

Supply vs. Demand. 

From a business stand point it's all about supply vs. demand. It's not too hard to create a huge profit. When a stunning collection is limited edition, that company has already decided that a set number of full collections will be produced. Now, truly Cuties from what I can see makeup companies run a hard bargain. From what I can see Cuties limited edition palettes and collections are a high price just to be limited, there isn't much difference besides the packaging and maybe collaborators, but besides that not much different from makeup that isn't. What's crazy is that sealed new limited edition palettes or collections go for even more online once the company is fresh out, like crazy amounts more than it was already.

Higher price.

What drives me absolutely crazy although admittedly relieved is the fact that sometimes makeup companies say something is limited edition. It comes back slightly cheaper or still super high priced, but it still comes back. I mean the real kicker is they don't usually let you know ahead of time when these limited editions are coming out and those who might not have the money on time miss out completely. When and if they come back it's a double-edged sword because if you missed out at the time fantastic you get to have a piece of the action and maybe at a lower price but if you splurged and picked something up and it comes back again, it's kind of a slap to the face.

Is it really limited?

The real problem is you just don't know when limited edition is truly going to be limited edition. Not to mention, limited edition usually brings no difference into what's in it. But the thing is Cuties, that chemically, there is no difference. Now, I forgive the price spike if they made it without some of the bad stuff and more benefits. But the fact is, from what I've seen they don't. The stuff is exactly the same no more bad stuff or good stuff then non-limited edition. If you what know more about what I mean, I have another post all about the differences between American vs. European makeup and I explain some of the baddies.

Squeal worthy for sure.

Now don't get me wrong, I find some limited editions very squeal worthy, I really don't mind too much that their different packaging and inspiration. In fact I love that it is, I just with it didn't empty my wallet and the number behind the dollar (or euro) sign didn't make me cringe. I just wish there was a way to have limited edition collabs and inspirations without the price skyrocketing, that would pretty sweet wouldn't it Cuties?

What's your favorite limited edition pieces?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time Cuties(:

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