Monday, February 9, 2015

Video Games: Is this me? -GTAV

GTAV Sunset
Hey Cuties, whether you are a lover of video games or they don't really capture your attention,we can't help but celebrate the fact that slowly but surely the digital world of video games are starting to diversify and represent the women of the world in all our glory. Me,as being a novice gamer this excites me for the future of video games and strong female protagonists and fantastic NPC's (Non-Playable Characters). In the realization of this excitement I decided I just have to share what I find with you Cuties,and we could go on this ongoing journey together standing together for the female gamers everywhere.

The varieties.

In the celebrated and famous world of Grand Theft Auto Five the game is always praised for its diverse and realistic universe. That's all great and good fun but what about the ladies in the free to roam world of San Andreas and the city of Los Santos? I tip my hat off to the reviewers, gamers, and developers, they have created such a variety of women, while none of the main characters are female in the main story. I hardly let that bother me for the fact of how well and unique the women of San Andreas are, not just different hair color or skin color either. I'm talking different jewelry, different style different personalities, even different makeup Cuties! I truly do applaud Grand Theft Auto 5 in this regard. I also feel it should be mentioned that coupled with the differences in character between women, there's also a variety in the jobs they have, including the CEO's and the strippers. All walks of life are equally represented in women, as men in Grand Theft Auto.

GTAV fit girl

Your style.

The cherry on top I feel is that on Grand Theft Auto online lets you create your character to the tee with any customization you want and to fit your own personality and style of encompass your vision for your make believe character, if you want the tomboy look, you could do that, if you want a glam look, you could do that too, if you prefer a manly look with a female that can be done too. Which although personally I don't enjoy playing online myself, it's a virtue for my Cuties out that love their GTAV.

Create your own character.

Maybe you want them to look just like you, or nothing like you. The details can be customized to the smallest degree. You could make your character truly unique Cuties. You could easily lose an hour doing this part.

GTAV hippie girl


Women are important and we do amazing things and we love to game just as much as men do. It's about time that video games represent their female audiences and consider our concerns, now I'm not saying that playing as a guy is bad and I hate it, I'm saying it's always nice to be able to play as a woman too definitely has its perks in the sense of immersion.

Ode to the women of GTAV.

Although not as complex, they are unique and special. They speak their mind and show hints of personality. It’s almost like they got a life that you wish you knew more about. Each and every one of them are effortlessly cool. 

GTAV bean machine

Until next time Cuties(:


  1. I love gaming and I agree that there's a definite lack of female characters in the majority of games out there, especially the ones I enjoy playing, like COD. I've never really thought about how playing as a male character affects me (I don't mind all that much, but I'd definitely like the option of choosing the gender that I played), although I think a lot of men would actively dislike playing the role of a female. It's great that GTA are taking it all into consideration!

    Alice Grace Beauty


  2. I love this post!! There are so very few games that you can actually play as 'real women'. I play a lot of final fantasy and let's be honest, the women on that have only been created to appeal to the men.


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