Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The sun, the stops, how wonderful it all is!

A Day in the Life of the Photographer's Wife. February 3 2015

As you Cuties could imagine it gets unbelievably hectic to be a photographer’s wife, between shoots and cameras and lenses and focal points and vignette and bokeh,PHEW, it get’s crazy. But naturally I pick up a few things and it does have it’s perks, impromptu photoshoots,photo tips and tricks, travel,and meeting all types of people,and I do mean all types,both good and the not so good. I guess you could say I don’t exactly have an “average” day to day Cuties. It goes a bit like this.

Frequent stops.

One of the first things I realized the minute I landed in New York City to live with my amazing hubby was that on walks whether it be to the store, to visit family, or a day or night in the city. I have learned to prepare myself for frequent stops. The reason for this is, as a photographer, and likewise a photographer’s wife you learn that every moment only happens once and if you want to capture it. You have to just stop and take the photo, otherwise it will be gone forever because the sun will never be in the same place again. The light won’t hit that place the same, and that person or thing. In its entirety, will never be the same, you could come close but never the same.


Going hand and hand with the frequent stops, as my fellow bloggers may know and my photo lovers everywhere. Light can make or break a photo, no if ands or buts just period. Harsh light can make a photo look heavenly or horrid, and soft light can make a photo romantic or just not as sharp. Even if you’re not the best at taking photos, if you master the light, your photo will not be awful.

Impromptu photoshoots.

I also have gotten used to the impromptu photoshoots, sometimes I’ll be relaxing with some food network on the TV (haha shoutout to all my foodie Cuties!) and he’ll tell me tomorrow we’re doing a photoshoot set our alarm for __am. And I have to switch up somethings (blog included Cuties,in case you noticed why my posts sometimes seem inconstant, but work calls my Cuties.) being the prep for our shoot. Something very important also is that even if it’s not other people that doesn’t automatically mean the picture is going to be of me, but thank God because I don’t look flawless all the time Cuties hahahaha.

Morning magic.

As for my travels, both near and far the travel is always memorable, because nothing like getting up at 3 being out at 4 and catching the sunrise at 6am. Not coming home till sunset at 6pm going no-where in particular, it’s magical really. It’s a fun way to see the world and you notice a lot more if you think like a photographer. In travels, we run into people who would stop us ask if we’re professionals and do a quick pose and we have a few laughs. There’s also those who will be snarky and snobby and I’m just trying to learn to brush it off, Cuties, it is not easy but you leave feeling like the bigger person and that has me walking away with peace of mind.

What a beautiful thing.

I love the beauty of it all Cuties. Being out before the sun, capturing what catches my eye. It’s something that really makes you feel like a part of the world in a different kind of world.

Until next time Cuties(: 


  1. Hey Yolanda,
    Great blog. Must be fantastic to wake up before sunrise and going to do photoshoots. Photographers got to do what photographers got to do. Also I love pictures. I like being in some but I mostly like taking them. I like taking pictures of friends/family/animals/ and lastly the city(NYC),as in stores,buildings,parks etc. I like taking pictures because its good to keep them for memories. Its just great to look at photos and have a moment of what you remember from that day. Its just amazing.

  2. -every moment only happens once and if you want to capture it,you have to just stop and take the photo,otherwise it will be gone forever because the sun will never been the same place again - this is so true. I just got into photography and I'm loving it. So I totally get what you wrote.
    Such a nice post, Jade x


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