Monday, February 9, 2015

Video Games: Is this me? -GTAV

GTAV Sunset
Hey Cuties, whether you are a lover of video games or they don't really capture your attention,we can't help but celebrate the fact that slowly but surely the digital world of video games are starting to diversify and represent the women of the world in all our glory. Me,as being a novice gamer this excites me for the future of video games and strong female protagonists and fantastic NPC's (Non-Playable Characters). In the realization of this excitement I decided I just have to share what I find with you Cuties,and we could go on this ongoing journey together standing together for the female gamers everywhere.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The sun, the stops, how wonderful it all is!

A Day in the Life of the Photographer's Wife. February 3 2015

As you Cuties could imagine it gets unbelievably hectic to be a photographer’s wife, between shoots and cameras and lenses and focal points and vignette and bokeh,PHEW, it get’s crazy. But naturally I pick up a few things and it does have it’s perks, impromptu photoshoots,photo tips and tricks, travel,and meeting all types of people,and I do mean all types,both good and the not so good. I guess you could say I don’t exactly have an “average” day to day Cuties. It goes a bit like this.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare Kit Review.

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare Kit Review.

Hey Cuties, what's your skincare routine? Or are you a newbie like me? When I saw this kit it got me thinking, okay maybe this is the perfect way to dip my toes in, and it sure was. I even found my perfect little gem.
                            The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare Kit Review
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