Monday, January 5, 2015

Appreciate your Skincare.

Hey Cuties, so I was so excited recently to try out my first skincare routine that I got for Christmas this year and it got me thinking, where did cleansers and face masks even come from? The holy grails of today always have a fondness in times in history as well. Here's what I found out, I hope you enjoy! Let's hop into our time machine Cuties!

Facial cleansers.

The first instance I found of facial cleansers being used was in regal ancient Egypt where beauty represented status for better or worse. They would use oil and lime to make their facial cleansers, and if you were an ancient Egyptian Cutie with acne it was turn a little towards the weird, for smoother skin Egyptians used bullocks bile (which I'm assuming is vomit, or worse...), whipped ostrich egg, oil, dough, natron, a type of resin and milk. They would have to do this daily, can you Cuties imagine having to put vomit on your face? Ew, thank the heavens for Lush!

Facial masks.

As for facial masks, I found that the ancient Hindu practiced Ayureda for not only medicine but for face masks as well using herbs like neem, tulsi, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron,and amala in their masks,since they were strong believers that if you couldn't eat it, it doesn't belong on your face, sounds a little silly to us today huh? Although it's not too bad of a philosophy seeing as all the harsh chemicals we have in our makeup today, in fact I have a whole other article on it here.


In ancient Greece, the women liked to use crocodile excrements (yes poop.) in their face masks as they saw anti-aging properties, sometimes they even bathed in mud baths of the stuff! Ick, Ick, Icky, Ick! Thank the heavens for modern time Cuties! They of course used like honey and olive oil in their face masks and they were also very fond of rose in their skincare. They used rose water as a cleaner and soothe and to soothe and nourish dry skin, I like the Greeks love rose scented skin care and not to mention the added benefit of reducing wrinkles and tightening pores and making them less visible! Thank you ancient Greece, I appreciate you! Who doesn't love the all-natural benefits from florals Cuties?! Both ancient Egyptian and Greek women also used sea salt for exfoliation with sugar and olive oil, tempting to try some of these out huh Cuties, no need to worry about chemicals either! In ancient Rome, the women used swan's fat, donkey milk, gum, and bean-meal to soften wrinkles. For sores and freckles they used ashes of snails, because in ancient Rome is was beautiful to have skin like porcelain but the poor poor snails. A moment of silence for the snails.... What women did in the name of beauty, Cuties, it blows me away. For blemishes, they pasted soft leather patches of alum to pretend they were beauty marks, I find this is hilarious, talk about pretending it's not there hoping it will go away, can you imagine if it worked that way with people Cuties? The world would be a different place.

 Acne treatments.

The Native Americans liked to use ground blue corn as a cleanser and as an exfoliator especially before ceremonies, they also liked to use aloe vera to soothe and heal the skin which is still popular today! They also used to improve the general appearance and feel. Willow bark was used for its natural salicylic acid which is a lot less harsh then the synthetic versions of this found in most acne cleansers! Someone tell me where to get this, I need to find it in bulk Cuties!

Definitely all natural Cuties.

I would say that it these methods are definitely all natural Cuties. Gross for sure, but definitely all natural. I wouldn’t try any of these methods personally but hey, to each their own. If it worked then it works now.

Until next time Cuties(:  


  1. This is really interesting I honestly never thought about where the products that I used for my face actually originated from (:


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