Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First Impressions: Flormar Nail Polish

Flormar Nail Polish:

Hey Cuties, when I saw this brand nail polish I was intrigued. It was new and fresh from a brand I’ve never ever heard of. With all the excitement, I wanted this to work. It’s just tough to work with this Cuties.

Turkish company.

Flormar is a Turkish company that is a little new to the US so naturally, since this was only the second store in the United States (both in NY by the way which is crazy) I had to get my hands on some stuff. I ended up getting a cute little nail polish set, which wasn't too expensive at all, they were 5 for $15 not a bad deal if you ask me. I got some fun colors and a mattifying top coat but for the sake of this post I decided that I would show you Cuties the lime green color I picked up. The color is absolutely bright fun and vibrant, but alas my Cuties, the process was a complete struggle.

Very difficult to apply.

This was a thick heavy mess to apply Cuties. The brush in this bottle, is just way too big. I have small nail beds so I don’t like how this polish gets all on my cuticles. I wanted to get an even layer which definitely takes so work and patience.


The good news is these nail polishes aren’t very pricey. I thankfully, got a sale. I managed to get it 5 for $15. So, if you stubble on these feel free to try it out, I’d say you should at least try one!

Doesn't last too long.

This nail polish lasted a few days at most. It started to chip on me the first day. Minimal, but still there which is pretty frustrating. By the third day, I had some serious chips. I could deal with it, I had to take it off.

Well, definitely not my favorite.

The color was absolutely stunning, but the application and longevity? That was disappointing Cuties. I wish I could say this stood on my nails long. That it was worth the hassle, but honestly? I feel like I need a day to truly play around with this and see if I find some benefit.

Until next time Cuties(: 


  1. Love the colour of that polish it's so unusual. x


  2. The color is pretty cool, such a shame it has a bad application. Kisses!


  3. Hey, it's Natalie from Twitter :D I l'm not a green girl so I don't love the colour, but at least it was cheap, right?

  4. Wow this is such a pretty shade, and pretty cheap too!

    Great post :)

    Sarah at theblossomcart.co.uk

  5. This shade is lovely!



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