Saturday, November 22, 2014

Decision my Cuties,decisions.(:

My dear Cuties,I need all your help!I've been rattling my brain trying to figure out what post to give you.So here's where you come in!Would you Cuties like to see a review or a first impressions!I will read all your comments and on the other sad hand,if I get no comments I will surprise you Cuties with my choice soon!I hope to hear from you and looking forward to writing up something for you Cuties!(:

Thanks for tuning in!And don't forget to follow my twitter(literally always logged on) and enjoy!

Until next time Cuties(: 


  1. Hey!

    I always love to blog about my beauty routine. Give my followers a sneak peek at my daily routines. Also, I like to blog about my favorites for the month or do a haul. I like your blog here, it's very cute. Had to follow. Check out mine at follow back if yah like.

  2. I love first impressions, plus they're really handy as you can do a follow up more in depth review later on. I always like to know how people's opinions change with continued use of a product!

    Sammy xo.

  3. I agree with Sam above. First impressions are quite nice and it allows you to post something about a product (in such cases) right away and you don't need to wait a few more weeks to use the product regularly for you to talk about it. :)

    Kissel │

  4. Lovely blog followed - thanks for sharing on my Sunday blog share on Twitter x

  5. I would love to read reviews, first impressions, ootd, fotd r generally christmas post? I hope I helped a little bit! Let me know if you would like to keep in touch on! Have fun!
    Aresmar || Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Blog


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