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Cuties it is almost my favorite time of year for makeup of pretty much all time, yes I am talking about  Halloween!And you know what Halloween means? Cuties, Halloween always equals zombies. And what is the most amazing addicting halloween TV series? The Walking Dead. Okay I'll admit I'm fairly new to the walking dead and its charms, I just now finished the first season or at the tail end of it at least. And I couldn't help but fall in love with the walkers grotesque faces, I know that sounds strange coming from me the queen of all cute things but I was really at awe,and if you seen the Walking Dead you know you can't really blame me. So I decided to really sink my teeth into the details.


If you've never seen the show you need to understand that one I really recommend you check it out it is on Netflix and two that "walkers" are nothing like the traditional zombies from when zombies first joined pop culture. These "walkers" don't skulk in the shadows all the time, these walkers are in the Atlanta heat, skin decomposing and rotting in the sun. But no worries none of the extras were hurt they used lots of sunscreen and cool tricks to make sure they didn't sweat or ruin the zombify-ed look that Nicotero, yes, the Nicotero from From Dusk Till Dawn. He is absolutely a master of his trade. But moving on these walkers have their looks down to the finest detail, even their eyes are void of most coloration and there is no sparkle no shine in their eyes that signify life. There are around 60 different contact lenses the makeup team uses and each are hand painted to give that sullen, blank slate look that tells you there is no humanity left. It's not even eyes you'd see on an animal, they are dull and cloudy, just dead in every sense.

Oh, the time.

One of the first things that popped into my head was how long does it take for this, and on a TV schedule time-line it must have been a living nightmare! What I saw was that each individual zombie took an hour and 15 minutes. The team had it set up as an assembly line of four makeup artists that finish 40-50 zombies in one hour. Cuties, if that's not team work I don't know what is. Just saying. And here's the run down, the first makeup artist shadows around the eyes and cheekbones, the next makeup artist does a lighter color over the highlights to make the bone structure pop, the next person splatters blood on them, and the last makeup artist puts loads of conditioner in their hair, like more than I could possibly use and I love my conditioner Cuties.


Want to just zombify yourself? If you want to be a full blown "walker" you will need to start hours ahead of when you want to be done by if that's not already obvious. First, you'll need to glue on your prosthetics and paint them. Then make yourself as pale as possible, then add some discolorations, like purples and browns, of course blending is magic. And to get that real decomposing looking blood mix a lot of different colors to a dark sludge, because our blood is only that bright red thanks to oxygen which is reserved for living people. Then make yourself as dirty as possible and put on some contacts and dentures if you have them. Easy, right? Not really, but hey if you want to be a "walker" you got to look like one, you know besides perfecting your zombie walk.

So much blood.

You know with zombies and "walkers" alike, where there is the living dead that are hungry or not, there is blood. The Walking Dead Series goes through about 30 gallons of fake blood every 3 episodes, that is a crazy amount of blood and when they need thicker blood they use what I assume is a petroleum jelly called KY jelly for dressing up the set, and they use thin blood for gags, aka when people get bit and such. For wounds and such they soak nylon stockings in the blood and blue them to wounds to look like torn muscle and flesh. And Cuties, it looks very very real. Ick. Really cool and all, but ick none the less. I don't know how Greg Nicotero does it but he does it fantastically well, kudos to you sir. Kudos.

Zombie fans unite.

Ever wanted to be a Zombie? You can! All you need is a lot of time and a couple of tutorials. I’ll watch from over here though, thanks. Also, no biting. 

In case you Cuties want to zombify yourself this halloween I found you a couple of links that maybe helpful.

Video tutorial and tips

Instructions and Shopping List

Are you Cuties ready for the next Walking Dead season? I definitely need to catch up so no spoilers please!(:

Until next time Cuties!

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