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Talking about makeup From Dusk Till Dawn.

Hey my dear Cuties, so with all the group outings that summer is practically made for I know everyone is always up for a little bit of Netflix. Recently on my netflix binging I discovered, well was introduced oh so lovingly to a film called From Dusk Till Dawn. Cult Horror Classics usually aren’t my cup of tea but I was pleasantly shocked at how much I actually liked the film, especially the makeup and special effects makeup, I was pretty much in awe Cuties, like jaw hitting the floor, that kind of in awe. Moving on I was craving more of the movie the story and of course the makeup, so we (me and my hubby) moved on to From Dusk Till Dawn: The series, also on Netflix, and it was what I could say a different spin on the story and the makeup. Walk through this with me Cuties, it’s going to be a fun ride. 

The team. 

Let’s start with the horror cult classic that millions stand by to this day. The makeup/ special effects team was Howard Berger, Robert Kurtzman, and Greg Nicotero. These three musketeers first met and worked together and went on to form the group KNB EFX (feel free to google them). In the movie,I’ll try not to spoil anything but just in case SPOILER ALERT DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW! This trio was making the vampire-esque features and makeup specially fit to the actor’s faces, I want just say, how cool would it be to watch your face turn into a scary vamp and know it’s unique to only you? I just think that’s rad I don’t know about you Cuties! Takes talent to work around such individual, especially like George Clooney, yes Cuties, George Clooney is a bad ass in this film. Moving on this trio definitely had a bigger budget and a lot more time Nicotero said in an interview that they “…had six months to design and build all the creature effects for From Dusk Till Dawn; we started storyboarding in March that didn’t shoot until August”. Talk about not rushing perfection, because I have to say it’s very close to perfection Cuties. 

The series.

Let’s go on to the historically accurate show, From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series. First off like I just said the artists really tried to be historically accurate to the time and the legend of the Aztec background which lead to the more snake-like and less vampire-like appearance of the creatures of the infamous Titty Twister bar. For example in the movie, the creatures had a very iconic sharp teeth on both sides and still looked humanoid when they changed, on the other hand in the series the creatures had a more snake-like feel and when they opened their mouth to suck the blood they had 2 front teeth like snakes and ejected venom and sucked blood, very creepy and gory I tell you Cuties! Also for the show they had a lot less time so although the snake concept was stellar Nicotero says that “we were reimagining the makeups and going with a different idea”. Well said for the fact that none of the makeups were unique to the actors, well done without a shadow of a doubt but not very unique, very much on the generic side. Besides the fact that a TV show schedule goes way quicker than a movie schedule and the trio had to show a lot more test makeups instead of concept drawings, no kidding Cuties, I’m paraphrasing from Nicotero himself! And Nicotero in the most lovely and terrifying ( I’d never thought I’d have to put those two words together either Cuties) way slowly introduces us through the episodes these creatures instead of like in a movie where everything just is kind of smack dab together. Of course, I’m not bashing the movie, I’m definitely a fan of it. Not sure if I can deal with snakes the same ever again though, haha. 

Vampire. Definite OG.

In my opinion although it was a bit more terrifying which I’m sure was the point, I really was digging the snake people and how they moved around and acted as actual snakes, as compared to the iconic classic vampiric look that sends chills. The snake look actually was more like a paralyzing feeling then a chilling feeling. Although I didn’t enjoy being scared, because I’m a little scaredy cat. I did enjoy how actually and naturally predator-like the snake makeup felt. Don’t get more wrong every time I see a good vamp makeup it always sends chills down my spine and I freeze up right in front of the TV because I’m scared out of my wits. I feel like if approached with fresh ideas vampires will always be terrifying. Snake people are a whole new ball game though and I’m scared to see what future horrors this might inspire. Horror of course in a good way, if you like to be scared, like I said I’m a little scaredy cat. 

Classic looks stay classic.

 One thing that’s definitely proven in both the film and the series is that classic looks are always in, and by classic, I mean the always glamorous cat eye and red lips combo rocked by Santanico Pandemonium played by Salma Hayek and Eiza Gonzalez who are not only stunning but prove that this classic look will never fail to awe if you rock it proud and fierce. Which includes you and me Cuties! I can’t tell you how many times throughout this show I wanted to rock those red lips and black cat eye. Classic Cuties, if all else fails go for the classics! 

I guess cult horror movies have a space for makeup junkies after all.

What about you have you Cuties watched the movie or the series? I absolutely loved the makeup in this cult classic, both Special Effects and normal makeup. If you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should. Even if you’re a scaredy cat like me, it’s not that bad, I promise Cuties.

Until next time Cuties(:

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  1. I love From Dusk Til Dawn I'm all about the cult horror classics :)
    I haven't watched the series yet, but I do have Netflix, so I think you miht have tempted me. I just finished 'The River' so I need a new TV show to watch :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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