Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beauty Then Beauty Now: Ancient Greece.

Hey Cuties, today for you I'm starting a little series called Beauty Then Beauty Now, where we could jump in our time machines and hop back to the ancient times and see just how they did their beauty regimes and routines, of course it's going to be quite a bit different from ours and also we might find some things that  we could still use today and might be a natural or sometimes less expensive alternative.

To Ancient Greece Cuties! 

Light complexion.

In ancient Greece was a light complexion, as if your face never touched the sun. Being the sun, means you were a slave or needed to do a lot of hard labor. Not to mention, makeup then was expensive. Only the rich could afford makeup. So, if you couldn’t afford makeup, you weren’t considered beautiful. If you naturally had a richer complexion you would have to use white lead to lighten up your skin. Mind you Cuties, white lead is extremely toxic to your body. The Greece ladies didn’t even care, they did it anyway. Talk about harsh.

 Soft skin.

For softer skin, in ancient Greece, they used olive oil and herbs. They also used white lead unfortunately, but there was a smarter alternative, which was white chalk. It didn’t last as long but, it was definitely a lot safer. White lead of death or reapplication? Either way at least you have soft skin Cuties. With the olive oil and herbs.

Simplicity, symmetry, and simple makeup.

The ideal woman in ancient Greece was a light complexion, and used things like beeswax, olive oil, ground charcoal, honey and white chalk for their blushes and eyeshadows. They also believed that one brow, was beautiful. Yes Cuties, I’m talking about unibrows. They, had brow goals of just one brow Cuties. The Greeks highly valued natural beauty so the simpler the makeup, the more beautiful.


Hair was quite simple Cuties. Long hair meant you were the free women, and short hair meant you were a slave. The only exception was if someone passed away, grieving women would cut their hair short. Usually, the way Greek women wore their hair was in buns. Buns. Can you imagine always having a bun in your hair? Talk about a headache.

Beauty today.

Tan golden skin is an ideal for starters Cuties. Oh, how far we’ve come, in the US anyways. Whether you’re fair skinned or a golden tan, you could still be beautiful in today’s times which I couldn’t be happier about. Not only that but we sure do love our makeup. Neon colors, fake lashes, and bright lipstick. We could wear whatever we want on your faces, white lead not included.

Until next time Cuties(:  


  1. Great blog. And im between yay and nay for buns. Maybe because my bun looks small and funny on me. But they are helpful to keep hair out of face or those hot days. And I dont think I would live the standers of acient greece. I love their clothes/makeup but if their makeup is deadly I rather not go through that just for beauty. Thats just scary ⊙_⊙. Overall, i notice beside makeuo what else is in common from then to now is that olive oil and herbs are still used today for smooth soft skin :)

  2. This is such a great post and really interesting to read, I found my eyes popping out of my head at some of it if I'm honest! I really can't get over them having to have light complexions D:
    You've certainly given me some food for thought!
    Love Holly xx


  3. You have a very interesting series. I will be surely looking out for the next one. Xx


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