Monday, August 25, 2014

Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review.

Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review.

Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review

Hey Cuties, oh my Lordy, is this what they mean when they tell you to get a bang for your buck? I'm talking about the voluminous miss manga mascara! I feel like this mascara may just become a holy grail that's how hopeful it looks at this point. I just can't get enough of my lashes with this little gem! Love it, hopefully I won't ever run out of this stuff, definitely a goodie for any arsenal!


This Loreal mascara is an absolute hit Cuties! It only cost me about $8 and I honestly, I love that I could just order a backup (or two). Not to mention it works so well on my lashes that I’m so glad it’s at the drugstore because my wallet would hate me if I got this type of mascara high-end.

The wand bends.

 This is the only mascara wand I’ve come across personally that does this. Literally, the wand itself bends. Almost a full 90 degrees. Insanity. But, it does help get into the shorter lashes a lot better without touching on my undereye area so much.

Not too clumpy.

Some volumizing mascaras I come across are totally chunky monkeys. Volumizing mascara is my favorite I just hate when some makeup companies think that the formula being thicker necessarily correlates to being volumizing. Thick formula does not mean thick lashes, sometimes it means the dreaded spider lashes.  
Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

Lasts all day.

I love that this mascara just does not budge all day long. Even in the heat of summer this mascara just does not budge! Lasts me all day with no weird smudging or smearing. I could put on two coats of this gem and I know I’m good to go.

Drugstore gem.

After I picked this up Cuties, it became a unicorn. Literally, I could not find it anywhere. That right there, is how you know you’ve got a great mascara on your hands. When it’s literally sold out and all you’re greeted with when you go looking for it is an empty display.

Until next time Cuties(: 



  1. Great review! This is on my list of makeup to try at some point for sure

  2. I love this mascara! Nice review girl! ☺️

  3. Really wanted to try this mascara for a long time..and I'm definitely buying it now! Great post :)

  4. I definitely have to try this mascara, thank you for the review

    x, Abril


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