Saturday, August 2, 2014

Facial Recognition and Makeup.

Hey Cuties, we all know makeup to be a way to make people feel beautiful? Who knew it could also make us crazy kick ass spies?! Just kidding Cuties! Makeup can play a part in helping you confuse facial recognition cameras though. Groovy, right? Say Cheese and let’s get started.

It is possible to hide your face from facial recognition tech.

It is indeed possible to hide your face from facial recognition technology Cuties. CVDazzle has some tips to help us really figure this out. First things first, avoid enhancers. This right here is the reason I could never do this. I could never give up my highlight Cuties. I just can’t. It’s not just highlight either, contour and bronzers too. You absolutely cannot chisel that face. A damn shame I say.

It's opposite day. No joke.

No joke here Cuties, everything opposite. Darker colors in places where you most likely try to accentuate. It is key to distort your feature to fool the camera. Your eyes could be pretty useful in this. For example, you could draw a black square right under eye or right on your brow bone. It is also essential to obstruct the bridge of your nose. That’s how the cameras tend to point out faces. Playing with asymmetry is an advantage when you’re trying to do anti face makeup.

Best sidekick.

Using your hair to cover your face also helps wonders. The whole point of this type of makeup is for there to be as little for the cameras to work with as possible. Rectangles and squares are your best friends here. These cameras tend to have a hard time working with shapes.

It's time Mr. Bond. 

Not going to lie Cuties, but this is so freaking cool! It’s so crazy how you could fool such high technology! Take that NSA! I don’t have anything to hide but hey, it would be so fun to play with this type of makeup!

Maybe privacy will be the next makeup trend?

Okay so maybe it’s not the prettiest makeup in the world. I do think it opens a door for some creative input. Shapes aren’t something that is super common in makeup looks or trends. I know for sure I wouldn’t be any good at it though.

Would you incorporate shapes into your makeup routine? 

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time Cuties(: 



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