Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comic-Con and Makeup.

Hey Cuties, ever been to an event? I mean in the sense of one that happens every year. Like Beautycon or IMATS. Well, the one I’ve been dying to go to lately is Comic-Con! I even think it’s a whole lot more fun than I could imagine!

This is how much we spend on makeup.

On average, we spend about $15,000 on makeup a year. About $3,750 on mascara (got to get water-proof am I right Cuties), about $2,750 on eyeshadow (this number seems small seeing how much I spend on eyeshadow palettes, maybe it’s just me.), and about $1,780 on lipstick. That is bananas Cuties, it sounds like both a lot and not enough at the same time.

Comic-Con loves a good cosplay.

The thing about Comic-Con besides the panels and the deals is, of course, the cosplays. You can cosplay as anything you want. Favorite show character, favorite movie character, and most commonly of course, your favorite comic book character.

Pro or amateur.

Depending where on the spectrum you fall from amateur to pro makeup can vary in price. Some spend up to $22,000 on their cosplay. Not only do you have to get your outfit and prop just right you got to get the facial features nailed too. You even have to take into consideration if the character was bleeding or had any scars in the version of them that you portray. Which is gonna take some skills and lots of dough. If you want to go simpler on things you’re still spending about a couple hundred bucks.

Cute or realistic.

Either way you own it Cuties. You want that specific frame of that character whose image is burned into your mind? Gather your tools and create your art. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Make the budget, gather your tools, and own your character.

Comic-Con is on my bucketlist.

Did you Cuties know that Comic-Con is the biggest event in the world. Kudos to the nerds, the geeks, and the dorks! We own this! I’ve always wanted to go to Comic-Con! It sounds like an absolute blast, for both me and my fiancĂ©. Not to mention, he has his things to see on sale. I have plushies. Lots of them. So kawaii.

Until next time Cuties(:  

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