Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The System by Formula X Review.

The System by Formula X Review.

Hey Cuties, this one is for all my nail polish junkies out there. This kit is such a good bargain, plus why not add to your collection. If you're anything like me a good deal is a perfect excuse to stock up on gorgeous finishes and long lasting polish. I can't be the only who feels that with a perfect manicure the rest of the week is a piece of cake?

The System by Formula X Review.

Super Convenient.

All in one, all together, nothing missing. If you love nail polish as much as I do the organization here makes your heart sing. Just pop in your favorite polish for the week and bam just grab this and you ready to go. Because we all want to make this process as painless as possible. Every step is covered for you in one kit.

The colors are super accessible.

I could say for almost 100% sure that one of the Formula X nail polishes are on sale. They are such good quality they do not chip for at least one week which is definitely a long time to me, with housework and doggies this an eternity. Plus, it's an easy fun way to rake up your Beauty Insider points.

                                      Formula X by Sephora nail swatch

Multiple finishes.

Formula X nail polishes have multiple finishes and for this kit, you could literally pick whichever Formula X polish you want. You could imagine how long and painstakingly I looked through all the polishes and all the finishes. Talk about picking whatever you're in the mood for!

Travel friendly.

The way this kit is set up makes it so everything fits snugly inside, the only time anything that comes out its because you take it out. Sometimes this is a bit of a pain to get out with regular use, but better safe than sorry. No there's no reason to worry about bringing your next shade with you away from home.

Why just have one?

So many possibilities with this kit. Everything is convenient, and I'm in love with the Step One Cleanse in this kit. With Sephora's constant sales on Formula X and their new totally adorable collabs this kit is a no brainer. While settle for less when you get a deal like this?


Until next time Cuties(:

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