Monday, June 2, 2014

Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation Review.

Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation Review. 

Hey Cuties, a great look starts with a great base right. Flawless foundation is key to make your look work just the way you want it. This foundation creates a beautiful airbrush look to perfection, and this blush helps bring more than just your foundation together.
                    Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation Review

Bit on the yellow side.

I have noticed on my face personally, to foundation tends to be on the yellow undertones side of foundations. I'm not too I'm liking that on my skin but it's a note to take Cuties. I recently realized I don't like yellow undertone on my skin. Once it's blended in nice and good it is absolutely gorgeous, maybe it oxides a hint.
                    Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation Swatch

Works best with their brush.

I really love this foundation brush, it blends out imperfections like nobody's business, and everything looked so defused and beautiful. I personally use a stippling motion to really get this brush warmed up, it does have an indentation on the inside for you to put your drops of this foundation which is super handy for speeding things up.

Lasts forever.

This one bottle has lasted me forever. A few drops are all you need for a full face. This is a foundation you could pick you and turn to between new foundations or BB cream and it will still be there with product to spare.

                  Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation Brush

All day coverage.

I have no problems with this foundation getting me through the day without looking cakes or sliding all over the place. I don't set my foundation with powder either so this magic is so the fact that it stays out is God-sent. Bonus? I stay totally matte all day too.

Almost fresh faced.

This foundation could probably fool your grandpa into thinking that you just have such a flawless face. Which in my experience it's a wonderful thing to look fresh faced, almost as good as it feels to be flawless.

Until next time Cuties! (: 

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