Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Impressions: Makeup Forever Single Eyeshadow.

Makeup Forever Blush/Eyeshadow Powder.

Hey Cuties, orange you glad to see me? Must be one of my favorite puns, like ever. This shadow has my heart. Everyone needs at least one orange shadow in their life. Orange, might not rhythm with anything but it's a fun pop of color.

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Powder Review

Deep orange color.

This orange is a rich orange that builds easily but not for your every day for sure. If that was your fancy though it blends out to be workable for everyday but this color screams to me Halloween or night out. But alas, I could be wrong Cuties. It is still an absolutely gorgeous color none the less.

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Powder Swatch

Magnetic Clasp.

I think this is super helpful and handy and I kind of need all my single eyeshadow so to be this way. With this clasp there, is no way anything is getting into this shadow, not one hair. Which is perfect when you have fur babies like me that you find their hair literally everywhere you look.

This cannot be blush.

It can't be. Maybe just not for me? I personally wouldn't have the skill to make this work as a blush Cuties. If you blend it with something else, it might be able to work. Honestly, I don't see it. This is a gorgeous eyeshadow and I'm in love with it as an eyeshadow. Maybe for an editorial magazine look? What would you Cuties use this as a blush for?

Buttery Smooth.

This baby right here is oh so smooth. Which is wonderful but also you must be really careful because it's way too easy to grab too much of this. It will do more than play nice with your other shadows, it really can make a beautiful gradient without too much effort. Hello,summer.

Makeup Forever. Literally.

This shadow will not budge. So, tread lightly, it will blend, but not budge. Which is perfect for long days and fun nights. It's perfect to add some fun to your day. A perfect go to, for blended gradient fun pop, or a Halloween masterpiece.

Until next time Cuties! (:

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