Monday, April 21, 2014

Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool Review.

Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool Review.

Hey Cuties, have you ever tight lined before? Terrifying I know, I was there once. If I'm honest, which I keep it real for you Cuties, it still terrifies me. I do a short prayer every time before. Like dear God please don't let me poke out my eye today? I very much appreciate having two eyes that I could see the world through. But this liner right here? It's your second prayer to get that liner just right.

                          Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool Review

A dream to tight line with.

It is soo easy to get your upper lash line with this beauty. It gets in between my lashes so well that it makes my lashes look so much fuller, I love that effect. Especially when I pop on my mascara, just heaven I tell you Cuties! This is mascara's wing woman.

                              Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool Swatch

It looks terrifying.

This looks terrifying Cuties, like no joke. I could feel it stabbing into my eye or poking it out. Be especially careful because I'm pretty sure that would really hurt with its three little arms? Legs? I'm gonna go with arms. Let's just pretend these little arms are little artists perfecting your wing making it just as sharp as we love it.

                            Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool

Good pigmentation but not crazy.

I feel the pigmentation on this is right where it needs to be, because it's a bit on the watery side so the movement of you breathing sometimes skids you up a bit on your lid and it's not very noticeable since the color isn't too too black. This is the perfect pair I would say to my beloved Nars. But all on its own, it needs a little more oomph if you love a deep liner as much as I do.

So easy to handle.

This pen format for liquid liner is hands down the best for us girls that can't get a wing right to save their lives, or want a little less hassle, because we all know that wing liner is a learned art form. In these pens, it so easy to control the movement of your hand and really stabilize yourself for that even wing.

Line away.

Even if you've never tight lines before I urge you Cuties, to get online and pick up this funky little guy (who I'm now giving a French accent) help you create your stunning liner work. Be really to do double takes in the mirror! Girl your wing is going to be sharp enough to thinly slice an apple, and your lashes full and fluttery.

Until next time Cuties(: 


  1. So you telling me it will be the 3 best friend my blower lash will ever have? My lower lash do need friends Lol. Anyways, where can you buy this?

    1. Well you could buy it at Ulta website, Sephora, or on the TooFaced website. -Yolanda(:


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